Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Barry-Roubaix is coming...

The 2012 Michigan racing season kicks off with the 4th installment of the Barry-Roubaix. The Killer Gravel Road Race! This event has replaced the Yankee Springs Time Trial as the the season opener and is quickly becoming the springtime version of Iceman. This year the race is capped at 1500 and there are currently 500 spots left. I have no doubt these will sell out fairly rapidly within the next month. Sign up peoples!

Barry-Roubaix Website:

BikeReg Registration:

Another change for this year was to extend the 60 mile race into one continuous lap versus two 30 mile laps. For me, last years race was difficult as I made the turn for the second 30 mile lap while the majority of riders were finishing out their race. The Barry-Roubaix has also been included into a national series called the American Ultracross Championship Series. This event continues to grow.


Vince said...

Another one from the Ultracross Series (one I am look for company for):

Just thinking of the pain makes the Winter training rides worthwhile.

Craig said...

You're right Vince. Spring will be here before you know it!